"CN Hip Hop Trailer"

CN UK promo from the 90’s

Director: Nick Leaf
Vinyl manipulation: Tom Guest

"UPA kids II"

Adult Swim id produced by John Kricfalusi

"Gumball Machine" (Have You Heard About My Town)

CN promo directed by Blue-Zoo

Yuckie Duck: Short Orders [poster] (by Fred Seibert)

Yuckie Duck: Short Orders [poster] (by Fred Seibert)


CN Latin America promo for a block of assorted animated shorts, produced by Artifact Design.


"The Great Toon Takeover", circa 1995, produced by Tape and Glue.

"Space Ghost sample"

CN promo for Space Ghost Coast to Coast. 1995.

Promo for a 2003 CN April Fools special of monkey related programming.

The longest of the bumper for the CN Europe branding “Blocks”, produced by Ink Apache.

"Flapjack Pirate Song"

CN UK promo somewhat based on the song “Kenya” by Weelb.

Original music by Simon Mark Harris.