"Like No Other TV on Earth" Song

CN bumper from the early ’90s (uploaded by DreamDancer82)

"Emoji: Adventure Time"

CN Latin America bumper. 2014.

"Totally Unreal: Porky Pig"

CN promo from 1995


"Bloopers of the cartoon starts" bumper

CN Latin America short (part of the “Copa Toon” stunt) with a soccer match between the “Courage the Cowardly Dog” and the “Johnny Bravo” crew.

Written by Carlos Tureta. Produced by Dan Messias. 2003

"Emoji: Regular Show"

CN Latin America bumper. 2014.

"Shnitzel PSA"

CN promo.


Bumper done by MeindBender Animation Studio for CN Europe.

"Dr. Negative"

Boomerang promo



I want to go curl up in a hole, but I feel like it’s my responsibility to address some things first (some are more important that others):

  • I work on Adventure Time, not Clarence.
  • I’m a storyboard revisionist, not a storyboard artist.
  • I did not personally act to get Skyler fired. Cartoon Network made that decision on their own without involving me, and the situation between Skyler and I was not the only reason for his termination.
  • Clarence will continue without him. it hasn’t been canned. nobody should boycott the show, it has a great staff.
  • Skyler didn’t rape me. this is a really messed up rumour that needs to stop being propagated. sexual assault does not equate rape.
  • I’ve heard a lot about how people just assumed that girls knew to stay away from him. I didn’t. I hadn’t even met him before; a lot of us didn’t go to CalArts, guys, and we need to work harder to keep each other safe. a lot of other women have come to me in private with really similar stories. we need to stop letting this happen.
  • that Cartoon Brew article is gross and sensationalist (“exclusive!!! wow!”), it’s a decent compilation of information but please stop spreading it if you have some other option.
  • despite my anger, I really hope that this dude gets help. I’m incredibly hesitant to lay all of his behaviour on mental illness after hearing (private) accounts of people’s personal experiences with him, but I’m not a doctor, nor do I know him personally.
  • no matter what side you’re on or what you believe, please don’t be an asshole.